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Pankaj Khanna, Famous Astrologer In Delhi

Practicing Since 1987.

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Incompatibility between husband and wife remains the biggest factor for splits. Vedic astrology tests the chemistry or temperament, not just by the macro assessment of whether a Taurus will get along with a Leo, But by comparing the eight major factors of life based on the nakshatra of the boy and girl. Studies are based on:

1 Natural refinement (varna)
2 Magnetism between the two individuals (varshya)
3 Health and well being of the couple (tara)
4 Intimate physical compatibility and sex (yoni)
5 Mental compatibility (grahamaitri)
6 Temperamental compatibility (gana0
7 Outlook towards society (bhakut)
8 Progeny (nadi)

Out of 36 gunas, a minimum of 18 should match if the couple is to lead a happy life. So it is advisable to get horoscopes compared before marriage. However, if the matching hasn’t been done and the marriage is still in trouble, certain remedial measures can be taken to save it.

In addition to guna, matching other factors that may lead to problems in marriage are ill-placed, weak, afflicted or malefic planets – Jupeter, Mars, Venus or Seventh lord – which are the prime karkas of marriage. If Mars, which stands for husband in female’s horoscope and Venus, which symbolizes wife in male’s horoscope, is afflicted then stability in married life shall be missing. Further if Jupiter, which is considered to be plying priest in astrology, is afflicted or misplaced, the relationship will not have legal and social sanction. Where fifth house is afflicted, attachment in married life will be missing, but the couple may continue to live together enduring each other like a punishment. When marriage is in trouble, the most important job is to find the astrological reasons for the trouble. Once the reasons are identified, proper remedies will definitely do wonders, just like cancer, which, if diagnosed in time, can be cured..

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