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Pankaj Khanna, Famous Astrologer In Delhi

Practicing Since 1987.

Shop No.11,A-3 DDA Market,
(Near St. Marks School)
Janakpuri,New Delhi – 110058
Mob: 9810190140



Tantra recognizes its key principle as “The universe we experience is the concrete manifestation of the divine energy that creates and maintains it”. Tantra practice tries to search and canalize that energy within the human by means of rituals and austerities in order to achieve the state of Super Consciousness. To be able to achieve that what is beyond the normal scope of Logic.
Ultimately freedom from birth and death or MOKSHA is the bigger aim. Hindu scriptures describe Life “as a journey from flame to flame, from dust to dust, the flesh terminates, but the hungry soul wanders until freed from the past hang-ups, and until it becomes one with the Cosmic Soul”.


Tantrism originated about ten thousand years back and is described in Sam Veda and Brahminical Texts. Its knowledge is kept secret and never discussed with people who are not initiated for it.
This sacred knowledge is used by great caution and its benefits are drawn only when the one is sure that it will not disturb the cycle of life defined by Vishnu.
Long training is required to master Tantric methods, into which disciples are typically initiated by a Spiritual Teacher. Numerous techniques including breathing techniques and postures, is employed to subject the body to the control of the will or gestures, or syllables, words and phrases symbolic diagrams of the forces at work in the universe, are all used as aids for meditation and for the achievement of spiritual and magical power.

Mantra, Yantra & Murti:

The Mantra, Yantra & Murti are instruments to invoke the specific cosmic powers. These are then canalized in such a manner that the desired results are achieved.

Secret ritual

Certain SECRET RITUALS are performed by Tantriks to achieve certain goals. These rituals are never disclosed and in event of disclosure leads to effects which can ruin all the parties connected with disclosure.


Tantra can be used to achieve material as well as spiritual goals. The use of Tantra though is very restricted and should in no case be used to get any material or related gain for self or for a client unless there is surety that it will be for the ultimate good of the mankind and will not disturb the karmic cycle set by Lord Vishnu.

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