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Technological advances, industrialization and excessive urbanization have given rise to situations which produce dangerous emotional and mental stains. That is why diseases such a asthma and hypertension have become so rampant. The people who suffer from such diseases take to drinking, smoking and consuming drugs in desperation. But their addictions cannot give them permanent relief.
Sustained nervous tension is a common phenomenon today. It stews directly from different kinds of frustration, worry and despondency that we suffer from due to social and family circumstances. This constant stress leads to various physical aliments like hypertension, ulcers, heart attack. On behavioral front these lead to impatience, anger, anxiety and fear.


You should develop a personality tendency to preserve a consistent mood that is largely free of psychological distress. Whenever you face a stressful situation you should go through 2 steps listed below:

(a)Analyze: Understand the situation, try to find the positive and negative sides of the situation and think how best you can favorably use it.

(b)Discuss: Discuss the problem/strain with your friends, wife and family. This will relieve you of tension and you may find a solution to your problems.

(c )Guide you mind: Any stressful situation is not going to be there forever. So, tell your mind that it is a short run phenomenon and shall pass away.

(d)Seek information: Whenever you are stressed up try to find more about the problem. Information on alternatives that you can use and other information shall help you.

(e)Stable breathing: During times of stress breath in a stable fashion. Deep breathing shall help the process. It will help you in two ways; one to take your mind off the problem and secondly, it will supply more oxygen to the vital organs – making them more capable of handling stress.

3. The Magical Way to Ending Stress- Happiness.

If we ask anybody he will agree that all his efforts/desires are aimed towards one thing – happiness. Again if we look around we will see that happy people are not necessarily endowed by some special material wealth but they are by nature happy the way they are. They have been trained to be happoy and contended. Once you are in this stage of mind you tend to be healthier physically and mentally in a positive frame always.
This happiness comes by basing our relationship on the qualities of affection, compassion and mutual respect as human beings. Basing a relationship on these qualities enables us to achieve a deep and meaningful bond not only with our lover or spouse, but with friends, acquaintances or strangers – virtually any human being. It opens up unlimited possibilities and opportunities for connection, which alone gives us happiness.
There are many examples indication that at some level deep down, ruthless people generally suffer from a kind of unhappiness and discontent, people like Stalin and Hitler. Such people suffer from a kind of nagging sense of insecurity and fear. Even when they are sleeping I think that sense of fear remains. All that might be very difficult to understand but one thing you could say is that these people lack something that you can find in more compassionate person – a sense of freedom, a sense of abandonment, so when you sleep you can relax and let go. Ruthless people never have that experience. Something is always gripping them; there is some kind of hold on them, and they aren’t able to experience that feeling of letting go, that sense of freedom.
In recent years there have been many studies that support the idea that developing compassion and altruism has a positive impact on our physical and emotional health. In one well-known experiment, for example, David McClelland, A psychologist at Harvard University, showed a group of students a film of Mother Teresa working among Calcutta’ sick and poor. The students reported that the film stimulated feelings of compassion. Afterward, he analyzed the students’ saliva and found an increase in immunoglobulin-A, an antibody that can help fight respiratory infections. In another study done by James House at the University of Michigan Research Center, investigators found that doing regular volunteer work, interacting with others in warm and compassionate way, dramatically increased life expectancy, and probably overall vitality as well. Many other researchers in the new field of mind-body medicine have demonstrated similar findings, documenting that positive states of mind can improve our physical health.
Survey after survey has shown that it is unhappy people who tend to be most self- focused and is often socially withdrawn, brooding, and even antagonistic. Happy people, in contrast, are generally found to be more sociable, flexible and creative and are able to tolerate life’s daily frustrations more easily than unhappy people. And, most important, they are found to be more loving and forgiving than unhappy people.
Researchers have devised some interesting experiments demonstrating that happy people exhibit a certain quality of openers, a willingness to reach out and help others.
Now these things may sound to be too good to be true and well be pressed to think if we can achieve these ends. The answer is Yes. By bringing about a certain inner discipline, we can undergo a transformation of our attitude, our entire outlook and approach to living.
When we speak of this inner discipline, it can of course involve many things, many methods. But generally speaking, one begins by identifying those factors, which lead to happiness, and these factor, which lead to suffering. Having done this, one then sets about gradually eliminating those factors which lead to suffering and cultivating those which lead to happiness. Personal happiness can manifest as a simple willingness to reach out to others, to create a feeling of affinity and goodwill, even in the briefest of encounters.
If we are able to develop ourselves as naturally happy beings we will be transformed and most of our stress will vanish and we will even make the people who come in our contact stress free and happy and they will without knowing the reason why? Shall try to be around us more frequently. You may call it magnetism but it is in its best form.

4. Relieving the Body of Stress

Now we understand stress and emotional ways to handling it. There are certain methods which, if followed regularly, relieve the person of stress.

(i)Loosening the body: Sit or lie down in comfortable position concentrate on your toes and feel that all the tension is being relived from your toes, then move to calf’s and feel the same – this may move upward calming each part of the body, till you reach the head and calm it also. By the end of this exercise you shall feel very calm and relaxed even sleepy.

(ii)Breathing Exercises: Sit in a relaxed position. You should be erect but not tense and you should not be using any backrest. Now do deep breathing- breath in from your nose in such a way that your stomach pulls out and breath out from your mouth in such a way that your stomach goes in. Repeat this in calm and rhythmic way 10 to 15 times. This exercise shall help you absorb more oxygem, massage your solar plexus and bring down any strain that you are feeling. Regularly repeating this exercise shall improve your nervous system by relaxing it. You can do this exercise in a lift, waiting on a traffic red light or simply sitting in your office chair and get excellent results from it.

(iii)Autosuggestion: A regular suggestion to yourself of well being and of being stress free helps. A regular prayer to this effect to your God is also helpful. The routine of this kind of prayer should be divided into found parts – the main prayer should be in the morning hours and this should reaffirm your faith in almighty and pray for peace within and outside small prayers before midday meal, and in the evening and the final one at night shall also help.

These prayers if combined with an autosuggestion “I am well, the general condition of my family is also improving and I am able to cope with all kinds of stress better now” shall do wonders to your own self and improve the general Aura around you sending back positive moves to you.

(iv)Meditation: Sit in relaxed position in which you do not feel the discomfort of sitting down. You should not be using a backrest and your spinal cord should be straight and head titled a bit backwards.
Now close your eyes, calm down your breathing and concentrate at the centre of your eyebrows. Various thoughts will come to your mind – let them come and pass away. Slowly your mind will start concentrating and you shall experience strange lights. See them and do not get distracted. You will feel a strange joy – an inner happiness which can not be explained in words. No material / worldly enjoyment is comparable to even 10 seconds of this joy. When once you start getting it then you will try to get it again and again.
This is the best stress reliever and can enable you to handle even the worst kind of emotional and work related stress.

Benefits of Meditation

1. It helps individuals to achieve complete self development – physically, intellectually and spiritually.
2. It provides deep relaxation and helps reduce stress and tension leading to total good health.
3. It increases concentration and other mental abilities, which leads to success in chosen professions and prosperity.
4. It unravels the mystery of life and gives deeper insight into the meaning of life and life force energy.
5. It builds your self-confidence and develops a stable, well-rounded personality.
6. It helps to experience a deep sense of love for humanity thus helping the practitioner to live in peace and harmony with the environment.

5. Powers of Mind and Sub-Conscious

The human mind is the most powerful thing in the entire universe. It has the power of visualizing and then creating concepts and products which are simply fascinating.
The computer which has revolutionized all the fields of human activity from war to education is a creation of human mind and so are the dreaded nuclear bombs.
But all minds are not able to create revolutionary products/concepts. Only few able to create such things which seem impossible few days back.
Now are these people specially gifted or we can train any mind to excel and create miracles.
People may differ but Maharishi Patanjali, the famed author or ‘Patanjali Yog sutra’ considers all human minds trainable towards the goal of achieving things which are ordinarily considered as miracles.
Along with power of mind we must also understand the power of sub-conscious – which is considered to be nine times more powerful. If you want to understand what sub-conscious does think of your driving experience; first you had to keep thinking all the time that the moment you have to apply brakes you would have to lift your right foot and apply the brake. But when all of a sudden need used to arise you could have in your first lessons failed at the right moment. But later you do not know when-nearly automatically you apply brakes at a fraction of a second notice while listening to music. This is a small example of how the sub- conscious works.
The sub-conscious is said to contain all the knowledge available in the world. It knows the past, the present and the future. It is said to create mental waves which can reach out to other humans and to the powers of the universe. It has its own way of dealing and analyzing a problem. We should know how to use these hidden powers of the sub-conscious. Once developed, this part of the mind along with the conscious part can do miracles.

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