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Shani Sade Sati

Sade Sati refers to the seven-and-a-half hour period in which Saturn moves through three signs, the moon sign, one before the moon and the one after it. In a horoscope, Saturn is considered to be a judge who gives results when it transacts a particular house according to the position of its lord and the planets placed in it. It is said that all the 12 houses store our Sanchit Karma and Saturn activates it when it is moving through that house. To judge the real impact of Sade Sati on an individual, it is important to consider the placement of the Moon and Saturn in the Kundali. Sade Sati slows down one’s progress in worldly affairs by generating psycho-emotional resistance in people or environments, with which one is trying to connect, communicate, control, possess, change, change, manipulate or impress. To reduce the effects of Sade Sati, Gems, rudraksha, donations and chanting are recommended.

Are you struck by great upheavals in life? It could be Sade Sathi for you!!

Saturn is one of the most important and influential planets in a horoscope.If well placed it takes a person to dizzy hieghts, and If it is not, then there are innumerable hardships one has to face. Saturn's Saadhe Saati is one of most discussed and argued astrological phenomenon. Sadhe Sati is one of the most dreaded and feared beliefs in Indian Astrology .Sadhe Sati means the period of 7.5 years in which Saturn moves through three signs, the moon sign, one before and one after the moon. Saturn is feared as the greatest malefic since it is the planet of restriction and conservatism. It is not an emotional planet. Its transit time before, over and after the house where Moon is located in your horoscope can be a very trying or critical time of life

When, Sani (Saturn) transits through the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from the natal moon, this is termed Sade-satti. Saturn takes 2 ˝ years to pass through each sign, its passing through 3 signs make it 7 ˝ years. Sade means “half” in hindi and Sati translates to “seven”.Saturn is a planet of empathy, democracy, human values, and dispassion. When one is ambitious, passionate and achievement oriented, one seldom transgresses the values Saturn upholds. Saturn, during its Sade Sati, makes one learn the values which it represents.

The transit of Saturn into the zodiac sign from the house in which planet Moon is located at the time of your birth is known as Saade Saati of Saturn.

The Saade Saati of Saturn has three phases:

• The transit of Saturn into twelfth house from Zodiac sign of birth is called the first phase –it is typically difficult emotionally
• The transit into the birth sign is the second phase –it is typically difficult socially
• The transit into the second sign from the birth sign is the third phase–it is typically difficult physically

Meaning of Sadhe Saati

In a horoscope Saturn is considered a Judge who gives results when it transacts a particular house according to the position of its lord and the planets placed in it. It is said that all the twelve houses have a store of our Sanchit Karma and Saturn activates them during its course of moving through that house. To judge the real impact of the Sade-Sati on an individual, it is important to consider the placement of Moon and Saturn in the Kundali. Sade Sati slows down one's progress in worldly affairs by generating psycho-emotional resistance in the people or environments with which one is trying to connect, communicate, control, possess, change, manipulate, or impress. Most often than not, to break egoistic tendencies, impulsive selfish actions, and other negativities, Saturn creates obstacles, doubts, and depression.Sade Sati cycle repeats about two or three times within one’s lifetime. It reappears after every 25 years from when it first finished. In rare cases, the Sade Sati may appear four times, in a lifetime. Each and everyone have to go through Sade Sati, unless there is an early death before the start of first Sade Sati.It is said that the first cycle of Sade-sati generally affects close relatives more than the native. The 2nd cycle influences the domestic front as well as the business front, and the 3rd cycle affects children, family, health, and physical suffering or may even indicate the death of the native.

Generally the first Dhiya of Saturn when it is one sign before the Moon is a period of changes all round in the pattern of life, problems arise and uncertainties crop up in life which makes one exert more ,it is highly intensified and there would be obstacles and hardships in whatever one does and then changes continue and settlement starts in the second Dhiya when the Moon moves over Saturn but this is a period of Extreme emotional and physical pain In this period one succeed through hardships and labour,the progress of the individual continues after overcoming various obstacles.The third Dhiya either gives fruits of settlement or else takes away the gains of the first two dhiyas.

The first dhiya of Sadhe Satti brings numerous problems whatever negative can happen will happen to the person .Person starts thinking about new way and means of curtailing the problems .During this period uncertainties in life arise .The person starts thinking about better conditions of life and work ,the environment is not favorable due to which the person starts thinking about ways and means of improving the environment this brings internal dissatisfaction which leads to changes in the second dhiya ,the destablising effect of the environment and excessive stress caused due to it leads to better performance from the individual and his ability to handle the environment improves .Saturn is Rakshasa planet ,a planet which doesnot give positive results easily First it brings about emotional and physical pain .A lot of suffering which brings out the best out of the human being. It tests ,tries gives excessive work and excessive pain only than it starts giving good results. So when the second dhiya starts the person is better equipped to handle the positive time that is coming because it comes after a long tiring struggle. During the second dhiya the person acqires a more influencial position ,money and other material possessions .during the period of second dhiya the person stablises himself on a higher plane in life .This is one of good phases of transition of Saturn Though the beginning of this dhiya is not very favorable as in the nature of Saturn ,a planet which does not give very god results but as the Saturn progresses through the zodiac sign it negative effects mellow down and here it starts giving positive results and also makes the basic preparation for the next dhiya by planting a positive mental frame for preparing for a period when the person will get some of the best things in life and will regain many times over what he lost in the first dhiya. The second dhiya of Sadhe satti shall lead to gains and stability The person starts thinking of way and means of overcoming the problems .

The third dhiya shall be a period when you will be able to stablise the gains made in last two dhiyas and you shall be able to make a strong impact on your adversaries and ensure a better position in life . In your particular case this Sadhe Satti shall completely transform your life putting you at a much higher platform than where you were at the beginning of this Sadhe Satti. But at the end of this dhiya the person may lose what he has gained in the first two dhiyas so there is a strong ned for patience ,logical decisions and constant effort to be able to hold on to what is gained in the last few years .Bhakti of Lord Shiva and his son Ganesha averts the possibility of problems .

I repeat this is a general rule but the exact position depends upon the permutation and combinations of zodiac signs,Nakshatras and planets in each case

Saturn is not entirely an unfavourable planet. In fact Saturn can often give you very good results. During Saturn Dasha, while some people gain profit, respect, and lead a comfortable life, others may have to tackle difficulties. Hence, Saturn is not just malefic, it is benefic as well.

The favourable or unfavourable impact of Saturn on a person depends not only on Saturn alone, but also on other planets in the horoscope. That is why it is impractical to blame all your problems on Saturn.

The question that comes to mind is ---Why Saturn is favorable for some people while unfavorable to others and how it has mixed prospects for certain other people.The horoscope hides the answer to all these questions. To ascertain how harmful the Sade-sati will be, we need to consider the positions of Ascendant, Ascendant-lord, Saturn and Moon. If these planets are placed favourably placed then the negative impact of Sade-Sati is reduced.

If Moon, is in an exalted sign during the Saturn Dasha, the native will be able to exercise ample self-restraint and overcome all the problems he faces. An unfavorable state of Moon in your birth-chart will reduce the favourable impact.

If Moon is debilitated in the birth-chart then you may not be able to exercise the required self-control or may face difficulties in overcoming hurdles. In other words, an unfavorable state of Moon might not help you govern yourself i. e. you mind and heart.

It is important to assess the placement of Saturn along with the Moon to understand the overall impact.

To reduce the effects of Sadhe Sati Gems, Rudraksha, Donations and Chantings are used.

The remedies are as follows:

1.Give alms of black cloth, Urad pulse, black mole, leather shoes, cereals or iron as per your capacity.
2.Perform pooja of Lord Shani on Saturdays. Keep fast on Saturdays. Restrict your food to Urad pulse, grams, gram flour, blackmole, black salt and fruits.
3. To get benefic effects of sade-sati on health, mental peace, family happiness, finance & profession you are suggested for Maha-mrityunjaya Japa. Recited following mantra for 125000 times.

Om Trambakam Yajamahe, Sugandhim Pustivardhanam I Urvarukmev Bhandhnat, Mrutyormukshiya Mamrutam II

4.Wear an iron ring made of horse-shoe or nail from a boat. Wear the iron ring in middle finger of right hand.

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