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Scorpio, known as Vrischika in Vedic Astrology, is the eight astrological element in the Zodiac. Its ruling planet is Pluto and it is considered as the (introverted) sign by the modern astrologers. It is associated with the eight astrological houses and its sign is water. In tropical zodiac, the Sun enters Scorpio from August 23rd to October to 23 November and in Hindu astrology, it is from 13 November to 30 December. The Scorpio individuals are better compatible with Cancer, Capricorn and Libra.
Scorpions are generally Loyal, passionate, resourceful and dynamic. They are able to accomplish anything and they won’t give up. They are not very much social and prefer to live on their own. They are very loyal when comes to friendship and they are known for their possessiveness. They are better suited to the business that makes a change in this world. They make wise business decisions and are very conservative about spending their money. They are extremely ambitious and have a power hungry, controlling attitude.

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