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Practicing Since 1987.

Shop No.11,A-3 DDA Market,
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Janakpuri,New Delhi – 110058
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Rahu-Ketu Transit which is one of the most important astrological phenomenon’s affecting mankind shall take place on June 6, 2011. Now Rahu-Ketu shall enter their depilated (Neecha) signs of Scorpio & Taurus respectively where they shall stay for eighteen months. Overall it signifies troubled times. Rahu causes stress, anxiety, and tension with close people, loss of wealth, sudden disaster, phobias, incurable diseases and involvement in malicious activities. Ketu is connected with injuries, pain, surgical treatment, trouble from enemies, non-healing wounds, mental instability, and diseases causing diagnostic confusion. This transit signifies a troubled time financially, physically and socially, especially for people born in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius Ascendant. The impact of this transit shall be different for each individual depending on the correlation between transiting planets with the natal position of Rahu and Ketu in one’s birth chart as well as with other planets, Moon sign & Ascendant Proper analysis of your birth chart is needed to find unique ways to strengthen good effects and reduce malefic affects of the transit.

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