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Pankaj Khanna, Famous Astrologer In Delhi

Practicing Since 1987.

Shop No.11,A-3 DDA Market,
(Near St. Marks School)
Janakpuri,New Delhi 110058
Mob: 9810190140



Prathyahara (withdrawal of senses):

Any effort of higher mind control practices is of little use unless it is preceded by control of senses from its respective stimuli. This is brought about by continuous practice.

It must be understood that this control of senses is not just the absence of desire for the sense objects, nor their enjoyment as sanctioned by scriptures or a perfect sense of detachment. It is the total absence of awareness of the objects of sense, even though present, owing to the concentration of the mind.

The heart and the senses are very powerful they try to control the mind all the time. The only way to conquer them and restrain them is through constant practice and renunciation. This is the most difficult part of the Yoga as all this easier said than done. Still a Sustained effort does give results, though slowly.

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