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Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries

The people who have their Moon in Aries are self confident, selfish, egotistic and highly ambitious.

They are passionate and jealous towards the opposite sex. Healthy and buoyant in their ways – they look most attractive to the opposite sex – which is strongly attracted towards these people.

They are good friends and are prepared to go an extra mile to help their friends. They make long associations – you will see in their pack of friends – people they have been in kinder garden onwards. Long associations make’s them comfortable. But never the less they can make friends on small journeys and in fast food joints. They will remember these friends with names and all and also keep on getting calls from them. They will have hundreds of friends and will know somebody in every town and every place.

Both males and females born in this Moon Sign tend to have multiple affections. Their satisfaction level is low – they want a lot of attention from the opposite sex.

Traveling is their passion – they have been to most of the places you can think of and will not leave any opportunity to travel again.

Despite all the problems that they may face in life – age will not show on them – not just looks even in their behavior they are young and dynamic.

They are prone to problems of Eyes, Teeth and Ears.

Busy lives are best for them – they must have something to do all the time and want people around them.

Lucky Colour: Orange
Lucky Gem: Red Coral

Moon in Tauras

Easy going people – simple and sure of themselves to a fault. Very strong will power but no one can force them into anything. They take their own decisions and can go to any extreme to be able to achieve their goals. They have high moral standards and conservative by nature.

Lazy in general but if the need arises they can work many times more than ordinary people.

Peace loving people but can sometimes turn insane due to negligible reasons. Once they loose their tempers no one can control them. They have stout muscular bodies – so much power and energy seem to be filled in them that even 10 persons can not control them.

Overeating is a sin they mostly fall for. Their love for food combined with their generally lazy nature tends to make them heavy around the middle age.

Found of Sex, but are very conservative while selecting their partners. Generally, stick to their partners and do not try their luck around. They have the capacity to keep their mates glued to them and they seldom thing of anyone else. Behind their simple looks there is a sexy person always thinking of Sex.

They may develop breathing troubles and stomach problems.

Lucky Colour: White
Lucky Gem: White Sapphire/ White Topaz/White Quartz

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