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Pankaj Khanna, Famous Astrologer In Delhi

Practicing Since 1987.

Shop No.11,A-3 DDA Market,
(Near St. Marks School)
Janakpuri,New Delhi 110058
Mob: 9810190140



Sit in relaxed position in which you do not feel the discomfort of sitting down. You should not be using a backrest and your spinal cord should be straight and head titled a bit backwards.

Now close your eyes, calm down your breathing and concentrate at the centre of your eyebrows. Various thoughts will come to your mind let them come and pass away. Slowly your mind will start concentrating and you shall experience strange lights. See them and do not get distracted. You will feel a strange joy an inner happiness which can not be explained in words. No material / worldly enjoyment is comparable to even 10 seconds of this joy. When once you start getting it then you will try to get it again and again.

This is the best stress reliever and can enable you to handle even the worst kind of emotional and work related stress.

Benefits of Meditation

1. It helps individuals to achieve complete self development physically, intellectually and spiritually.
2. It provides deep relaxation and helps reduce stress and tension leading to total good health.
3. It increases concentration and other mental abilities, which leads to success in chosen professions and prosperity.
4. It unravels the mystery of life and gives deeper insight into the meaning of life and life force energy.
5. It builds your self-confidence and develops a stable, well-rounded personality.
6. It helps to experience a deep sense of love for humanity thus helping the practitioner to live in peace and harmony with the environment.

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