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Married Life and Astrology

Marriage is union of two souls to the exclusion of rest of the world or a marriage is a lasting union between male and female; governed by a mutual contract open or secret. Legal secondary importance or otherwise of a union is of secondary importance from the astrology point of view. Native is fortunate if the marriage is completely successful otherwise life becomes a Hell. A few factors judging this aspect of life from the Horoscope is detailed below and the matching of horoscopes as per standard methods of astrology are strongly recommended, but only a few care for this warning and repent afterwards when the marriage bond is not happy or is broken.

In addition to the matching of the Horoscopes, the position of various planets viz lord of 2nd, 7th, 8th and 9th house etc. are to be analyzed in a very critical way. The planets responsible for the ante married life be propitiated suitably suitably through stones.

1. Mars Dasha Mars Dasha is considered to be of utmost importance but the general saying that Mars occupying 1,2,3,4,7 8 or 12 houses from lagan moon or Venus. It is in Mesha or Varischak own sign No Dosha.
2. Mars in Various signs cannot do harm if it is the 4th or 7th house.
3. Mars in Mercury signs will have its evil results warded off if it is in 2nd house.
4. Mars has no dosha in the house owned by sun, moon and Saturn.
5. Evil results of Mars can not operate, if the sign occupied by Mars is ruled by Jupiter and happens to be the 8th.
6. If Mars is in movable signs, there is no dosha.
7. Is Mars is in conjuction with or aspected by Jupiter, Mercury, Bright Moon or Venus, the dosha is not considered.
8. In Jakat Chandrika it is further stated that Mars in Cancer and Capricorn removes Mars Dosha.

The following two different horoscopes proves the above dictums, as both these couples are happily living till this date inspite of fact they are having Mars dosha as per general saying.

Marriage promised or not

First of all horoscope is to be judged wether or not the marriage of the native is promised. If promised then when ? The First part be analysed from the standered combinations and a few of them are detailed below where the marriage is promised.
1. Moon and Venus in fruitful signs.
2.If the 7th cusp, falls in fruitful signs.
3.Jupiter or Venus occupy the Houses 2,7, or 11.
4.Jupiter or Venus is conjoined with Moon in 1,5,10, or 11 houses.
5.Moon As well as Venus is not aspected by Saturn but is stronger than Saturn.
6. Lord or Lagan is conjoined with Lord of 7th and occuping in a favourable house.
7.Lord of Lagan and 7th house are in 3, 5, or 11 and 9th to each other.
8.Benefic occupy 2, 7 or 11 from lagan and Moon sign and have favourable connections with benefics.
9.Benefices in 7th and both lords of lagan and 7th are strong and well placed.
10.Venus in own or exalted sign and lord of 7th in beneficial houses.
11.Mercury in 7th and Venus conjoined with lord of 7th.
12.Lord of 7th in 11th and Venus in 2 houses.
13.Venus in lagan and lord of lagan in 7th house.
14.Madhana Gopal Yoga confers Marriage Viz Exchange between lords of 1st and 7th.
15.Jupiter exalted in 7th house conjoined with benefices.
16.Venus strong in 7th house or lord of 7th and Venus occupies 2nd house.
17.Lord of lagan in 10th and 2nd in 11th house.
18.Benefices in 1,2 or 7th or lords of 2 & 11th in mutual exchange.
19.Lords of 2 & 7 in 11th house

No Marriage

The above combinations of planets in a horoscope show that the marriage is promised where as the following combination donote that the marriage is denied to the native.

1. Malefic in 6th, 7th & 8th houses. In order words, malefics on either side of the 7th house a bad argola for marriage.
2. When any of the two house, out of 6,7,8 are posited wit malfics and lord of 3rd houses is also malefic & aspecting the 3rd house or any malefic strongly aspects the 3rd house. The yoga for No Marriage is formed.
3. If Saturn occupies 7th house with malefic & aspected by malefic.
4. Venuse & Moon having opposite conjunction without any benefit aspects.
5. Venus conjunct Moon aspected by Mars & Saturn & 7th house is not aspected by Jupiter.
6. Lord of 7th in 12th house.
7. The lord of 7th house is situated in the 6th, 8th or 12th house through the association of any benefic Planet.
8. When lords of 6th, 8th, 12th are in 7th house.
9. The lord of 7th house is also lord of 6th,8th or 12th house.
10. Venus in the house from Moon and in company of Saturn and Mars.
11. Malefic occupy 1,7,12 house.
12. Two malefic planets occupy each of the 7th & 12th houses and Moon occupies the 5th house.
13. Ketu in 7th house aspected by Venus.
14. Venus & Mars in 5th 7th or 9th house.

In view of the above, the horoscope no : 3, 4, and 4A clearly denote No Marriage combination.
We find that 7th house is afflicted with Saturn and 6th house is posited with malefic Rahu 8th house is aspected with Mars as well as by Ketu from 12th house. The native well set in life has been denied marriage so far. He himself does not want to marry inspite of the fact that many offers have been made to him.

The Horoscope no : 4 shows that the 6th & 7th houses are occupied by Saturn and Rahu lord of 8th Jupiter is conjoined Mars and aspected by Saturn, Mars also aspects 8th house, 7th houses is also being aspected by sun. Moreover mars aspects Moon and is squared by Saturn. With all such heavy afflictions, the native has attained age of 43 years but without marriage, inspite of the fact that he is highly qualified having a good income.

Delayed Marriage

Delayed Marriage : something is happens that marriage is promised but it comes late in life. Saturn Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Rahu are the main planets responsible for such delay A few combinations in this respect are :

1.If Saturn is either in 1,3,5,7, or 10 counted from lagan are moon sign and if he does not own beneficial houses.
2.If malefic are in 7th bhave receiving adverse aspect from Jupiter.
3.A malefic in 7th house, Saturn or Mars even in own houses delay marriage.
4.If Mars be in 8th or Rahu in 7th delays marriage.
5.If mars and Venus conjoins in 5, 7 or 9 and both receive evil aspects from Jupiter.
6.If Moon Saturn Joins together aspecially in 1,2,7 and 12.
7.If lord of 7th and Venus (In case of males) or Jupiter (In case of females) are aspected by Saturn.
8.Malefic in 6, 8 or 12 also delays marrieage.
9.If moon & Venus are Squared by Jupiter.
10.If lagan, Moon & Sun lagans are under aspect of malefics.
11.Lord of 7th in 6th, 8th or 12th is not condusive to a decent early marriage. Unless of course a powerful aspect redeems the planets situated in trikona or Dushthansa houses.

The Horoscope no : 5 denotes that the marriage of lady has been delayed even up to the age of 32 years. From close examination, it is found that lord of 7th Mars is conjoined with lagan lord in own house, but both are posited in Dushthansa house. Significator Jupiter is lord of 8th situated in 4th is aspected by Saturn. Sun lagan is under aspect of Ketu and Moon is conjoined by with Rahu, a delaying planet too, also Moon is sandwitched between malefices Saturn & Sun. So the factors denoting marriage like significator, lord of 7th house, 8th & 6th house and lagan, Sun lagan and Moon lagan all are afflicted. So the marriage has so far been denied to the lady inspite of the fact that she is well educated & belongs to a respectable family.

Love Marriage

The house 1,3,10 & 11 all stand for self. Love Marriage is a arranged marrieage by the boy and girl through their own choice. The event is brough about by the influence on factors of marriage of the lords of 1, 3, 10, or 11 house. In addition houses 2 & 7 are to be considered for the materiallising the Love marriage or otherwise. This mothod has been found quite successful in practice.

Time of marriage:
The most important point which worries the parents especially of the grown up daughters is their time of marriage. If proper assessment of Dasa, Bhkuti and sub Bhkuti even up to Shookasham is given due regard then the exact marriage date can be found, having regard of the following rules, if the marriage is promised in the horoscope.
As a general rule, the time of marriage depends on the constellation under the sway of which planets are subject to work.
The above general rule is subject to certain modification The 7th lord, 7th house and its significations Venus for males & Jupiter for females is also to be checked.
In case of male Birth chart if the malefic aspect, influence or association on the above three factors (lagan, 7th house and significator) exists the marriage will be delayed and bring it about later than the average stated period for the stated planet. If the three factors are influenced by the benific aspect or association, the marriage will come earlier than the average stated planet. The delay or hastning as the case may be in 2 years for association of malefic and benefic plantes & for 4 years for the aspect of malefic or benefic planets respectively.
In other words if a natural benefic planet is associated.
1.With any of the three factors for marriage (7th house, its lord and significator) the marriage is hastened by 2 year for each such association.
2.If a natural benefic aspects three factors, the marriage is hastened by 4 years in each case.
3.If a natural malefic planet is associated with any of the three factors the delay in each case in 2 years from the average.
4.In case of malefic aspect, such delay is 4 years.

Happy Married Life

Happy married life is a moon to a native in the present materialistic world. Un-Happy married life has many causes. Broadly speaking adultory, widow-hood, sepration, Divorce, harsh temperaments of either partner undutiful husband or wife No issues. Plural marriage, abnormal sexualities etc., Each of the above aspect can be analyzed astrologically. All the above points cannot be dealt here as the same are beyond the scope of this book.
In order to analyze the married life, the following are the few combinations, which be given due regard.

1.Jupiter and Venus being the lord of 7th cusp and being significations of 2 & 11 houses.
2.Mercury, Moon or Sun being the signification or 7th house receiving good & beneficial aspect from 11th house signification.
3.Sun or Moon in 7th house with mutual good aspect from other being the signification or 2 and 11.
4.Either of the Luminaries in 7th aspect by Jupiter or Venus favorably being the signification of 2 & 11.
5.Moon receiving good aspects from Saturn, Venus and Jupiter is auspicious. The couple will give expression to their pleasant feelings, playful during union.
6.Venus, Mars and Uranus in good aspect is very advantageous provided they are not significations of 6, 10 or 12 house.
7.If 7th house to lagan or Moon sign is occupied by or aspect by benefices by lordship, will have happy married life.
8.A good Jupiter in 7th house will give a good husband in female case) and good married life.
9.If 7th or 8th house occupied by a malefic but if a benefic is in 9th house, the lady enjoys a long lease of happy married life.
10.Lord of 7th should not be in 6th, 8th or 12th house from lagan or moon sign or from the 7th house.
11.Jupiter Lord of 2nd and 5th in 9th house in exaltation and lord of 9th exalted in kendar Confer fortune & good married life.
12.If lord of 7th house occupies 7th conjoined with lord of lagan and is aspected by Jupiter and Moon.
13.If lord of 7th is exalted and langa lord occupies lagan.

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