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Libra Personality

He will have the perfect solution to all your problems and an answer for every question you ask. But there is no use expecting him to be the answer to all your girlish dreams. He will change some of them and argue with others. A Libra male can be as cranky as a crocodile with poison ivy, and his habit of rationalizing everything, including love, will drive you to frenzy-or leave you limp with defeat.

Still, I must warn you that once you are cought and enmeshed in the Libran charm, It wonít be easy to break away. Trying to escape from a bear trap is a cinch, compared to liberating yourself from a Libran man. If you try to run, he will persuade you to stay with such logical, intelligent arguments you could not hope to top them unless you graduated from Harvard Law School. In addition to using his unmatched reasoning powers on you, he will turn so sweet and gentle you will forget the frustrating inconsistencies of his nature that upset you before. Then he will smile at you and something will happen inside. Your heart will turn over.

From that moment on, the battle will be be lost. His dreams will be your dreams, and nothing will matter so much as making him happy. You will seek that smile and need it to making him happy. You will seek that smile and need it to survive the way a thirsty traveler needs water. Only a really hard-hearted Hannah could resist a Libran smile, and she had to summon all her determination to avoid being magnetized by its purity. The Liran charm is not like the hypnotic persuasion of the Scorpio. The attraction of Libra is logical and real, not supernatural of the Scorpio. The attraction of Libra is logical and real, not supernatural in any sense. There is no black magic about it, just common sense submission to his heavenly aura.

Now, if that could occur when a woman is involved with a Libra man only in a business way, can you imagine your state of mind and your ability to insulate yourself if you should happen to fall in love with one of these impossible charmers? You simply canít be too careful. Steel yourself to turn your head when he smiles. Stuff cotton in your ears when he starts his convincing arguments in that smooth-as-silk voice that makes the back of your neck tingle.

The word love and the word Libra are practically synonymous. Libra invented romance, and refined it to an art with even more finesse than Leo, Scorpio and Taurus, which is saying a lot. The delicate strategies of Cupid are inbred Libran talents. He will use every trick with casual ease and seldom fail to get the firl. However, one he gets her, he is not always sure what to do with her. Having thoroughly charmed her into willing submission, he hesitates. Should he take advantage of her helpless state or should he propose marriage? Or both? The mental struggle begins, and life in the garden of Eden with this particular Adam becomes considerably less than ecstatic.

He wonít lose interest in the opposite sex until he is at least ninety. It may be purely an academic interest if he is happily married, but the subject will never bore him, even if he only speculates what it would be like to whirl each pretty girl he sees around an imaginary ballroom.

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