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The above doha from Avadhi points towards an ancient folklore that after winning the war at Kurukshetra the Arjuna showed signs of arrogance. He believed that he was invincible as he had defeated the mighty army of Kurvas and killed many of the Maha Rathi's single handedily.

Lord Krishna sensed the behavior of his friend. So when Arjuna was going back from Dwarka to Indraprast he asked him to take some Gopika's along and drop them in Mathura. He suggested that he should take the Army along as the route is full of tribal Bhil's. Arjuna laughed away at the idea and reminded Krishna that his deadly arrows were more than enough and he did not need an army to protect Gipikas from the tribal Bhils.

So he headed towards Mathura with Gopikas. He was challenged by the Bhil warriors on the way and they captured the Gopikas.

The moral of this doha is that it is not the man but time that is powerful -- the Bhil warriors snatched Gopikas form Arjun. The legendary warrior Arjuna whose deadly arrows had destroyed the mighty army of Kuravas was disarmed and overpowered by Bhils.

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