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Capricorn Personality

He has a self-made brick wall around him. He is shy, but he is strong and tough. He is pleasant, but he is fiercely ambitious. Like the legendary, silent, earthy cowboy, the Capricorn man seems to prefer to be alone. He does not. Not really.

Secretly, Capricorn yearns for adulation. He had loved to thrill the crowd on a flying trapeze. In his private dreams, the goat is an incurable romantic, but Saturn chains his nature. The stern planet of discipline demands of him calm behavior, practical actions and serious intent. This is his cross, and it is often a heavy one to bear. Sometimes he will cover his frustration with a brusque manner-and sometimes he will startle you with unexpected and incongruous humor, although it will always be the ironic tongue in-cheek variety. But that is often the funniest kind, and Capricorns can be quite a gas when they are wry and dry and juggling the jokes.

Sun Signs can be wonderfully helpful if you are inclined to judge a book by its jacket. Here you were thinking that Capricorn fellow would make a great school teacher but a miserable lover. You had just about decided he had rather be president than be yours. He impressed you as a man who would rather see his name written in the social register than in your diary. Now you discover that he has a heart as warm and friendly as a cozy wood fire on a winter night. I know it is exhilarating, but wait just a moment before you dash off to give him a big bear hug and expect him to fly you to the moon. Those surprises I just described are part of his inner nature. He will be thrilled and impressed if you guess, but inner nature means just that-inner nature. Chances are he will never let all those gauzy dreams of careless rapture escape and run around loose. Just so you know they are inside him. That is enough. Do not go expecting your Capricorn to dash barefoot through the buttercups. You can not change his basic, saturnine personality.

What you can do, however, is laugh at his shaggy dog stories until he feels brave enough to tell more sophisticated tales. You can hint that you think there are banked fires beneath his conservative manner until he has the confidence to let a flame or two leaps out. You can tell him you find his kind of dreams more colorful, because no dream is as bright as the one that really happens, so he will be encouraged to weave more of them. Someday, he will reach the top of his special mountain, and you will be right there beside him, mighty proud of your determined goat-and mighty glad you believed in his practical dreams.

It would not do to insult his mother or be cool to his brother. Be prepared to love your in laws, even if they are about as lovable as prickly cactus. Not only will he defend them, but also if you allow disputes to get sticky, the stain of choosing between loyalties to two families can make him morose and gloomy.

You may pump into a Capricorn who has open contempt for his relatives, or who has bitterly cut family ties and never looked back-but scratch the surface of his independence and you will find a deep, emotional would in his past that originally caused such untypical behavior. Many Capricorn men live at home long past the age when their friends are out enjoying the delights of a bachelor pad. They usually fall in love later than most men too-and they seldom marry before they are settled in career.

With an eye for pedigree and perfection, they will look around pretty carefully. The goat will pick a girl who will be a good mother. Then she will have to be a good cook and housekeeper. After that, she will have to dress well to impress his business associates and friends, and preferably be a cut above them in background, manners, breeding and intelligence. Last of all, he will make a quick check to see if she is beautiful or if she appeals to his physical senses. You can see right away it is no big deal if your hair is droopy, your perfume bottle is empty or your legs are not the kind to make the current Miss Universe hate you. Just dig into the trunk for those D.A.R papers and show him the family.

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