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Pankaj Khanna, Famous Astrologer In Delhi

Practicing Since 1987.

Shop No.11,A-3 DDA Market,
(Near St. Marks School)
Janakpuri,New Delhi – 110058
Mob: 9810190140



Astrology is the study of Planets, Zodiac, Stars and other heavenly bodies to find their affect on personality, human affairs, and natural events. Astrology’s origins 10,000 years back at the time when Vedas were written. Ancient civilizations developed it as a system to predict the future of Kings and their Rule. Historically it was a learned tradition, sustained in courts, cultural centers and universities, and was closely related to the studies of Astronomy and Religion. The 20th century brought renewed attention, partly through the popularizing effect of newspaper horoscopes and New Age philosophies, and through re-kindled intellectual interest in statistically testing astrology's claim shave long debated the degree of in astrology. Some believe that celestial movements control fate, others believe that they determine only the potential, fate depends on number of factors including environment, parents, events around the person etc.

Astrology – Meaning

Astrology is a combination of two words Astro – meaning Stars or Celestial Body and Logic – meaning the interpretation the impact of their moments. Historically, the word star has had a loose definition, by which it can refer to planets or any luminous celestial object. The notion of it signifying all heavenly bodies is evident in early Babylonian astrology. Logic was by itself was a field of study in Ancient and Medieval times.

Astrology - Principles

A central principle of astrology is integration of the Universe. The individual, Earth, and its environment are viewed as a single organism, all parts of which are correlated with each other. Cycles of change that are observed in the heavens are therefore reflective (not causative) of similar cycles of change observed on earth and within the individual. This relationship is expressed in the maxim "as above, so below; as below, so above", which postulates symmetry between the individual as a and the celestial environment as a macrocosm Accordingly, the natal horoscope depicts a stylized map of the universe at the time of birth, specifically of the individual at its centre, with the Sun, Moon, and celestial bodies considered to be that individual’s personal planets or stars, which are uniquely relevant to that individual alone. At the heart of astrology is the principle that mathematical relationships express qualities or ‘tones' of energy which manifest in numbers, visual angles, shapes and sounds – all connected within a pattern of proportion. It is believed that the Sun, Moon and planets all emit their own unique cosmic rays and sounds based on their orbital revolution, and that the quality of life on Earth reflects the tenor of celestial sounds and cosmic rays which are physically imperceptible to the human ear and eyes.

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