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Aries is the first Astrological sign in the Zodiac and is known is called as Ram in Hellenistic tradition and Mesha in Hindu or Vedic Astrology. Aries is associated with the first astrological house ruled by planet Mars. Aries is also considered as the "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. Individuals which are born when the Sun was in Aries sign are called Arians or Ariens. The Sun enters Aries on the moment of vernal equinox by definition on March 21 and leaves it on or about April 20. In sidereal zodiac, It is around 15th April to 15th May.
Aries generally represent male fertility, courage and aggression. Aries symbol Ram is considered as the symbol of leadership. Arians are said to be leaders and pioneers. These people love the challenges and are happiest when their life is moving foreword and active. Their personality is often quite charming. These people know what they want and the route to grab it. Aries is known as physically courageous sign and these people generally move towards risky professions. These people are full of energy and are friendly.

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