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Aries Men

Aries can overwhelm you with passionate ardor one minute, and be as icy as a polar bear the next. Insult him or lose his interest-either or both-and that warm, impulsive mars nature will freeze instantly. To ignite it again may mean starting all over from Act one, Scene One.

Aries men are fairly bursting with ideas and creative energy. Keeping up with him may be tiring, but keep up you had better. At least mentally. Aries has a way of leaving the snails behind and not glancing back. He will probably look and act younger than springtime, which is all very delightful, but his youthful aura may carry over into his mental and emotional attitudes until he has matured, which wont be early in life. The Aries man is impatient with slow pokes, bold and confident, always ahead of others, and sometimes ahead of himself as well. He can be the soul of generosity, giving his time, money, sympathy and possessions by the carload cheerfully to strangers. But he can also be exasperatingly intolerant, thoughtless, selfish and demanding, when his desires are delayed, or he has forced to be around negative people.

When it comes to love, his heedless attitude is absolutely amazing. He shall plunge into an affair, positive that this is the only true love ever known by any two people ever born, with the possible exception of Romeo and Juliet. When it breaks in half, he shall pick up the pieces, and try every angle he can think of to salvage the dead romance. If itís beyond repair, he shall start all over again with a new Juliet, and it will be like the very fist time. No matter how many romantic mistakes he makes, the ram is sure his true love or soul mate is just around the next dream. Unless you are a Scorpio female, the Aries man is a passionate as any woman could ask. There is little left to desire. He is so idealistic and susceptible to sentiment, he will squeeze all the tingles, sighs, ecstasies and poetry it is possible to squeeze out of a relationship. Aries is not capable of going halfway. He gives all of himself to the burning interest of the moment.

You may be involved with one of the quieter sheep. Do not let him fool you. He is still ruled by Mars. He does not talk much right away? He is not openly exuberant and pushy? Yes, I know one, too. But take my word for it, if you could see inside that hard head, you would discover that his brain is spinning at approximately two hundred revolutions per second. Any time you meet this kind, one who does not at first appear to have the typical Mars drive, check the present record of the business he is conducting you will soon be convinced you are dealing with an Aries. Then ask his ex-girl friends. They will probably answer with a giggle. Him? Bashful? Timid? You must mean someone else. After a while, you should begin to get the picture. That quiet demeanor is a mask for a fiery heart and a tough business drive, Naturally, it is easier when you are in love with a plain, simple ram, who makes it obvious just how enthusiastic he is about everything from potato chips to moonlight and motor trips.

No other Sun sign can be so scrupulously faithful as Aries when he is really in love for keeps, His honesty will usually keep him from fooling you, and his idealism will keep him from wanting to. Promiscuity or even light flirtations are not an Aries habit, no matter what the books tell you. Not when he is deeply involved with all his heart. He is looking for a storybook romance, and storybook.

Of course, you must keep alert to future possibilities because as sincere as he is in his present devotion and promises of complete loyalty (which are undoubtedly absolutely true), His need for romance is so strong that he is capable of looking elsewhere if you do not keep his illusions alive constantly. The minute you let your mutual love lose its storybook flavor, he may wonder off the steady path. In case you are not sure, storybook love, to him, does not include going to dreamland at night with a female who has Vicks salve on her chest to clear up he cough. It also does not include watching your intimate personal toilette, such as polishing your nails, whitening your teeth, brightening your hair with blondes have more fun bleach, peeling your sunburn, filling your nails or fighting with your mother for hours on the phone. Somehow, in his mind, this not the way storybook princesses behave. And goodness knows, Juliet would never have sat with her feet up, chewing taffy and watching TV. Wear your perfume when he is around, and giggle with your girl friends when he is not. He finds it difficult to visualize himself as Prince Charming when he kisses you awake and you either snore, or shout unpleasantly, For gosh sakes, let me sleep, will you? Now, really, is that the way Sleeping beauty will you? Now, really, is that the way sleeping beauty would have acted when she woke up? Be prepared to greet him dewy-eyed and breathless each morning, fresh from your dreams, thrilled to find his handsome face so near. And let him know it.

Aries males whose sweethearts neglect romance are heartbroken at first. They become angry. Then they go looking for a princess who does not snore and things like that. This is not dishonest as far as he is concerned. He did not break a promise. You did. You made him think you were a lovely nightingale, singing in the moonlight, like it says in his favorite song. Now he finds out you are a chattering squirrel or a nagging blue jay and the jolt rouses him from his heavenly world of angelic choirs and bells ringing every time he touches your hand. How can bells ring when your hands are always full of dirty ashtrays, and how can he hear choirs when you are screaming at him that he stayed out until after midnight for two nights in a row? (Which he did, of course, but who are you to thing you can dictate his every move? Marriage is not prison, and you are his warden-that is his attitude.)

If you have any ideas about playing games with him by flirting-drop them. Your first indiscretion will probably be your last. You can lose him with just a whisper or an intimate look at another man, let alone any actual infidelity.

If you learn how to open your eyes and look at him mistily and all the rest of it, He will stay with your happily, and ignore every female on earth for you. The Ram is highly unlikely to commit himself physically to more than one woman at a time (unless there is a Gemini ascendant or some Venus affliction in his natal chart).

Aries is possessive and jealous in the extreme. Only a Leo male can get wilder at the thought of a transgression on the part of his beloved. To make it worse, the ram will never give you the blind faith he expects you to give him in such matters. You will simply have to understand that his animated conversations with other woman are innocent, because he will demand all the freedom of social contact he denies to you, and then some. Your mars lover will glue you to a pedestal, and expect you to stay there. Do not move a single toe. Do not even look as if you want to.

The Aries male will expect his lady fair to be ultra feminine and a tomboy at the same time. He wants you to be completely independent, yet willing to stay a few paces behind him. He will expect you to praise him and be devoted to him, but never play the role of humble slave. Are you still with me? Good. Brave girl. There is more to come. He is capable of saying bitterly cruel and sarcastic things to you when his ego has been wounded, things he wont mean at all, but which may break your heart if you do not understand him. Then he will except you to forgive and forget as readily as he does. You will have to like all his.

Aries Women

She may think love is her whole existence, but she is too vitally absorbed in the world around her, not to mention in herself, for it to be the beginning and end of her life. She can get along without a man easier than any female you will ever meet.

The Aries girl will open he own doors. She will also put on her own coat, fight her own battles, pull out her own chair, hail her taxi and light her cigarette without any masculine help. Doing it herself is, to her, the fastest way to get it done, naturally, this does not set too well on the vulnerable male ego. The Mars girl is determined to take the lead, to be the first to move to action, and that includes the action of making the first advance in romance. Aries females are the most likely of all the sun signs to do the proposing, especially if the man is slow about naming the date. And that is about as early as you can safely show your feelings-when she proposes. Before that you are taking a chance. Be very careful about moving in on an aries girl. She wants to be the leader in the love affair. Better be sure you have her heart safely in your pocket before you try to grab her around the waist and kiss her goodnight. Otherwise, she may give you a sharp right hook to the jaw and run like a frightened deer.

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